harmLESS assessment

Accessing self-harm and planning support

harmLESS provides a series of questions you can ask the young person. How they answer these questions will inform a plan about the type of support they might require. If at the end of this you are still unsure or worried about a young person then phone your local CYPS team.

These questions are intended to guide you in having a conversation with the young person, and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them before using this tool. They are not intended as a script, so please use your own language and professional common sense. If a question does not “fit”, or is unnecessary, use the “next” button to skip questions as appropriate.

How long have you had thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself?

Talking point...

  How often do you get these thoughts? Occaisionally? Once or twice a week? Once a day? Several times a day?

  Do you feel able to fight these thoughts? Yes? No?

Have you Actually harmed yourself?

Talking point...

  What did you do?

  Did you need treatment?

Have you Recently harmed yourself?

Talking point...

  When was the last time?

  Did something happen that made you do this?

Have you harmed yourself More than once?

Talking point...

  How often do you harm yourself?

Have you ever thought that Life is not worth living?

Talking point...

  When was the last time you felt like this?

  Had something happen to make you feel like this?

Have you made plans to End your life?

Talking point...

  What are you planning to do?

  Have you started preparing for this?

Have you Secretly tried to end your life?

Talking point...

  What did you do?

  How long ago did this happen?

Is anyone Supporting you at the moment?

Talking point...

  Who is supporting you?

  Have you told them what we have talked about today?


  When you click the button below, you will be redirected to the plan we feel most
appropriate for this individual.